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John Herschel once said, "Photography is a means to preserve the past, by capturing light and memories." My passion is in the pursuit of "capturing"  what lets you live it that frozen moment. The story is yours, the image is mine. Take a few moments and travel back in time to enjoy the "memories" that have been preserved. 

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Beautiful! Thank you!
36.Cathy Blair ... Summer Wind Ranch helper(non-registered)
Wow ... incredible ... wow ...
I saw you at the Rancho Murieta Horse Show on Thursday 9/8 ... your photography is incredible ... I am passing the information on to my friend Sherrill Shotigan at Summer Wind Ranch ... you have posted 2 pictures of her and her horse Wind so far ... do you have more ... she went 1st in the line up on Thursday! I also looked at your website ... the moments/pictures you caught are really insightful and artistic ... you have an incredible amount of talent ... all the best to you!
I just recently came across your photography and have to say, I am already entranced. As an avid lover of history, especially that of the American West, photos like these are one way which I enjoy connecting with a past I may never see, that is still preserved through artists like yourself. Thank you for the wonderful work.
34.Jamie Laterz(non-registered)
26.Elizabeth Robert
I was pointed in your direction by a chance meeting over dinner with Val and his lovely wife Cindy. Your galleries take my breath away. I love photography, but got into it so late in life that my body has fallen apart, but it brings me joy and seeing what you have here is stunning.
Bless you for your love of the wild places and creatures in this Country and bless you for bringing them to us.
I'm almost ashamed to add the web site where I have some of my photography, as I do believe you were doing my kind of work when you were still in diapers. ♥