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Created 17-Jun-15
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Ever wanted to have photographs of your passion, your lifestyle, your muse? I am not talking about a posed portrait here. I am talking action and meaning, love and emotion - photographs of you and/or your family and friends living life and loving what you do! Photographs in a location that has a special meaning to you doing what makes you happiest!
I'm offering lifestyle photography of you being you in any location that expresses who you truly are... Your home or ranch with family and friends? Yep I can do that. Special events at your unique little hideaway? Yep I can do that. Miles into the wilderness, hiking or horseback, fishing, climbing, camping, even your pack trip? Yep, I can do that.

The creative fee is $200.
With that you get 1-2 hours at a location of your choice capturing images that we dream up that best represent you and your lifestyle. You will get an online gallery of 25 edited images to chose from for your ordering convenience. Prints and products are sold separately.
Destinations requiring more than 2 hours of traveling are subject to travel fee or charged on a daily rate. Full day and multiple day creative sessions are available and often encouraged.
Give me a call, send me an e-mail... I will travel just about anywhere, we can talk about the details creating images of you and your lifestyle that will forever be preserved.
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