This is typically where you talk in the third person about yourself. Honestly, I always thought that was strange. Instead, I am just going to speak directly and tell you a little bit about me.
A little while back, I cut across the grain and threw it all that out the window. I moved west where my heart and passion had always drawn me. I wanted to go through life enjoying it while I travelled through it. Along with that I met my best friend, who is now my wife. It was her, along with my children, that encouraged me to take this path of photography. They are my driving force to keep living life for what it is.
My photography is grounded by the reality that it is all captured by something I can feel. There is so much more to “see” than most realize. My wife’s true passion happens to be horses. These magnificent creatures provide me an additional aspect to my photography. They take us to places few travel and open doors to unique photographic opportunities. I am constantly exploring new aspects and genres as I don’t feel the photographer should be limited to any one aspect of photography. It was never about defining genres to master but about making images that speak to people.
This road started out a few years back leading pack trips into the wilderness. The places I travelled, the things I saw, the expressions and changes I was in people, the animals I crossed paths with renewed the spark I have always had for taking photo’s. With encouragement from my wife, I decided to do something about it. In the end, I am just a guy, a self taught photographer with a passion for making images. The photographs I capture are genuine. I truly hope you enjoy my work. Feel free to contact me and or share the information on my site! Thank you for taking time to visit.